What are we grateful for these days? Our local heroes and the stunning spring colors in Greenwich!

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."
—Gilbert K. Chesterton

Somewhere between the ceaseless breaking news cycles and our amateur attempts to navigate this unprecedented stretch of reality we're all suddenly surrounded by, one good practice we've found value in is taking a quiet moment each day to take stock of the things for which we're grateful.

Highest on our gratitude list during these challenging moments are the many local heroes - those essential workers on the front lines of this crisis - who are helping us forge a path forward, doing what they can to keep us healthy + safe, and giving their time and effort in ways that allow us all to retain some sense of normalcy at a time when most of the world feels so different.

Join us in extending an exceedingly well-deserved THANKS to the doctors, nurses, hospital + elderly care workers, police, teachers, EMTs, firefighters, mail + delivery drivers, grocery clerks, pharmacy workers, chefs + restaurant workers, farmers, truck drivers, and the many, many others who are passionately, tirelessly, and selflessly keeping our most fundamental and important local services functioning. We don't know what we'd do without them!

Next down on our gratitude list are the vibrant and spirit-lifting spring colors blossoming from almost every corner of the Greenwich landscape. This year, during these quarantine days, as we've all been spending more hours than usual indoors; we feel ourselves fully appreciating (even more than usual) the abundance of rainbow hues emerging from tree branches and flowers as the scenery comes back to life for the warmer seasons, once again.


A few of our photographers were able to capture some of these colorful local visions during their 'stay healthy during social distancing' walks over the past few days. Here's some of what they saw:

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Photos by Pam Grunow


Photos by Kylie and Patti Finkelstein


Have you seen any beautiful springtime scenery around Greenwich? Upload your photos as replies to our Facebook post below - let us know where they were taken - and you may even see some of them published on Living Greenwich!



Photos by Pam Grunow, Kylie Finkelstein, and Patti Finkelstein
Writing by Eric Taubert.