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Zaniac Greenwich

After-School Programs and Camps

Address: 644 West Putnam Avenue, Suite 201, Greenwich, CT, 06830

Phone: (203) 918-9264



Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math. For kids in grades K-8.

Zaniac is the go-to after school and summer camp STEAM-enrichment center for parents who want to give their children an academic edge and 21 st century skills for a better future.



Zaniac in Greenwich is now enrolling After-School and Saturdays!

What is Zaniac?
Zaniac is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM) enrichment center for children in grades K-8 where learning feels like play. Our interactive STEAM Programs engage your kids with fun problem-solving to ignite imaginations, foster a love of learning and boost confidence!

Classes. Discovery, learning & fun.
Learn 21st century skills and gain an academic advantage with our STEAM programs offered after school and Saturdays.

Memberships. The best value.
Edison Club is a smart after-school care and a cost-effective way to enjoy all that Zaniac offers. Ongoing program enrollment, homework help and exclusive member benefits. Choose your level of Membership.

School Break Camps. When schools close, Zaniac opens!
We’ve got you covered year-round with fall, winter, spring and summer break camps. Plus, early release, teacher work day and snow day camps!

Events. Kids have a blast. You get a break.
Parents’ Night Out, Saturday Kids Club and Birthday Parties!

School & Community Partnerships. We go to you!
Zaniac partners with schools, libraries and organizations to bring our STEAM programs to K-8 kids out in the community.

Learn More Call Zaniac Now: 203-918-9264


About Zaniac

Kids experience STEAM exploration and discover how much fun learning can be in Zaniac’s high-tech environment filled with friends.

“Zaniac helps children understand how the world was built and gives them the confidence and tools to make it better.” — Paul Zane Pilzer, founder

Ignite your child’s love of learning at Zaniac today!

Zaniac’s √100 Principles


1. Ignites imagination and natural curiosity to unleash a child’s potential

2. Engages kids in peer-based learning with friends in an environment that feels like play

3. Instills a love of learning and empowers kids with 21st century technology skills to change the world

4. Provides kids with a real academic edge to succeed

5. Gives kids the confidence to be curious, explore new concepts and innovate to solve problems

6. Leverages education and tutoring to provide parents with their child’s daily progress

7. Impacts the community through role model instructors—high school and college students—passionate about inspiring kids with STEAM

8. Creates a positive and safe place for students to take risks and experiment without the fear of making mistakes

9. Promotes a cool high-tech environment for hands-on STEAM learning

10. Partners with schools to provide STEAM curriculum and resources to better prepare kids for the future

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