Round Hill Nursery School

Round Hill Nursery School

Nursery School in Greenwich, CT

Address: 466 Round Hill Road, Greenwich, CT, 06831

Phone: (203) 869-4910



Round Hill Nursery School was founded in 1946 to provide a quality first learning experience for three and four-year-old children in the back country of Greenwich.

In 1984, recognizing and responding to the changing needs of families in Greenwich and the surrounding communities, the “First Step” program was established. This program provides for the social and emotional development of 16 two-year-olds exclusively. Today, seven decades after its founding, Round Hill Nursery School provides a superior early learning experience for 80 children from Greenwich and neighboring towns.

Round Hill Nursery School has a diverse student body of 80 children from Greenwich and the neighboring communities. We are able to provide a limited number of scholarships each year to those families demonstrating need. All applications are considered without regard to race, color or creed. For further information or to arrange a visit to Round Hill Nursery School, please call the office of the Director at 203-869-4910.


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Round Hill Nursery School

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