Peter Grabel - Luxury Mortgage

Peter Grabel - Luxury Mortgage

Licensed Mortgage Lender

Address: 4 Landmark Sq, Stamford, CT, 06901

Phone: (203) 569-4266



Peter Grabel has become one of the leading mortgage bankers in the country by providing exceptional service, a wide range of products and competitive rates.

Luxury Mortgage Corp®, a licensed mortgage lender based in Stamford, Connecticut, provides unparalleled service by giving our clients the opportunity to work with top originators, loan processors, and underwriters in the mortgage industry.

We've been helping clients and families achieve the objective of home ownership through financing, while setting high standards of customer service and strong results in successful closings.

Luxury Mortgage offers homeowners and homebuyers a cost-effective way to turn a house into a dream home. A Renovation Loan can be used on a newly purchased or refinancing property that needs a makeover. The loan will cover the cost of minor or extravagant renovations.

We understand how emotional and cumbersome the mortgage process can be. That's why we've spent countless hours outlining every detail of the loan process shortening each step, so you receive what you deserve- the perfect mortgage with a luxury service experience

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Peter Grabel - Luxury Mortgage

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