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Gro Pro Landscaping

Landscape Company in Old Greenwich

Address: 151 Soundbeach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT, 06870

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Welcome to Gro Pro Landscaping

Peter Grunow, the owner, learned the love of gardening from his mother, who learned it from her mother. So, it is safe to say it is in his blood.

Over the past 35 years he and his team at Gro Pro have worked to make Greenwich and the surrounding communities a more beautiful place to live.

Although our style will vary with the location and customer's wishes, what does not change is the vision: to create a beautiful landscape paying careful attention to function, flow and sequential bloom.

If you are looking to make changes to your landscape, please consider speaking with our team of designers. They are graduates of the N.Y. Botanical Gardens and UMass Dept. of Landscape Architecture. With just one free visit you will understand why we have gained the reputation as a creative and dedicated team of knowledgeable individuals who can see your project through from concept to reality.

Gro Pro Landscape Company ... it's only natural.

Landscaping By The Pros

At Gro Pro, we design and implement landscapes primarily for residential homes, while providing the personal touch and care that our clients demand. Our strong foundation stems from our hard-working, full-time team of professionals.

On staff we have:

-- A dedicated plant buyer, who spends his days searching multiple nurseries to find only the highest quality of plants

-- A landscape architect and horticulturist, who creates inspired and innovative design concepts

-- An expert in drainage, outdoor lighting and fencing

-- Knowledgeable field foremen, who oversee the installation of each project

-- Many gardeners, who put their skills to work making each project perfect

-- One committed owner who is an active participant in all aspects of design and implementation

Creating the ideal environment for each homeowner is the top priority for the Gro Pro staff. Every design is unique and creative to serve you and your home's particular aesthetic and practical needs.

Our full array of services will ensure the highest quality results for a project of any size.

Schedule a free complimentary consultation today.

Our Services

-- Landscape Design
-- Landscaping
-- Masonry
-- Fencing
-- Lighting
-- Maintenance
-- Seasonal Color

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Gro Pro Landscaping

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