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Greenwich Barre Studio

"The Original" Barre Class

Address: 109 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT, 06830

Phone: (203) 900-1400



At Greenwich Barre Studio, we believe in the purest form of barre fitness.

For nearly 30 years, it has shaped who we are from the inside out. This is why we’re bringing the authentic method we love so much back to the town we love even more. Barre has the power to transform the human body in every season of life and to transcend every area of life. Every day, we reach higher, stretch further and become stronger. Because we know that where there is challenge, there is change. Where there is stability, there is confidence. And where there is balance, there is harmony.

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Time Sensitive: Open House Week Of 10/20/19

It’s Open House Week at Greenwich Barre Studio!

Starting October 20th, for one week only, your first class at the newest and most beautiful barre studio in town is complimentary.

To reserve your spot, call the studio or email our owner, Cindy at

Email Cindy Sites Call The Studio (203-900-1400)



The Studio – A Beautiful Escape

We’ve created a lovely getaway spot in the center of town, where you’re welcomed at the door and greeted by name.

The décor is fresh and elegant, the vibe is intimate and spa-like, the music is modern and motivating, and the equipment is brand new and top-of-the line. We want this to be your favorite place to escape your hectic day and focus on your health, beauty and well-being, inside and out.

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The Class

Based on the fundamental class format developed by barre originator Lotte Berk, this full body workout combines the best of classical ballet technique, Pilates and yoga.

Using your own bodyweight as resistance, the Original isolates and works the muscles of your upper body, thighs and abdominals to the point of fatigue then stretches them to achieve a long, lean physique. In just a few classes, you’ll notice a difference. It’s a perfectly crafted one-hour class designed to help you achieve your best physique. It never gets easier, but trust us, you will keep getting stronger.

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The Method - “The Original”

‘The Original’ is barre at its finest: a technique that works for all bodies at all ages, safely.

Taking its cues from classical ballet, yoga, and pilates, with a nod to Lotte Berk’s seminal barre exercises, this method is unlike any other in the business. Says Sites, “Clients who consistently attend class three to four times a week will find their posture and their balance improved, their strength augmented, their bone density increased—and of course, they will develop that lean, toned physique so highly sought after.”


About Greenwich Barre Studio

Greenwich Barre Studio, founded by veteran barre businesswoman Cindy Sites, combines the best of classical ballet, yoga, and pilates in an hour-long class called “The Original.”

Sites has been in the barre business for close to thirty years, after training with Lotte Berk who established the barre method, Sites opened up many successful Go Figure fitness studios before selling them.

For this new endeavor, Sites brings her passion for strengthening women of all ages safely to new heights. From the luxurious studio designed by Rinfret, Ltd., to the exceptionally effective one hour class, Greenwich Barre Studio is the creme de la creme of barre studios.

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About Cindy Sites

Owner and founder Cindy Sites has been honing her brand of barre technique for close to thirty years.

Though classically trained as a dancer, Sites decided to pursue a career in business. She found herself drawn towards barre, and trained with Lotte Berk who is widely credited with establishing the barre method. Sites became a dedicated practitioner of the barre method and eventually made it her life’s work, opening Go Figure, which she sold after fourteen successful, highly-acclaimed years, at one point owning a dozen studios across the country. Now Sites explains her return to the barre business, “I felt there was an opportunity to create something very special with Greenwich Barre Studio. This a more focused concept and a very boutique experience: a distilled, pure form of barre that we call ‘The Original.’”

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Greenwich Barre Studio Hours

Greenwich Barre Studio offers four classes Monday - Friday, every hour from 7:30 - 10:30 am, Saturday 8:30, 9:30, 11:00 am, and Sunday 9:30, 11:00 am.


Contact Information

Greenwich Barre Studio
109 Greenwich Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830


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