YWCA Greenwich - Steven and Alexandra Cohen Preschool Center

In a nurturing environment, with certified teachers, YWCA Greenwich - Steven and Alexandra Cohen Preschool Center provides girls and boys a fun experience and prepares them for kindergarten.

At the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Preschool Center, an international student body between the ages of 15 months to 5 years experience a unique early learning curriculum that builds a strong platform for a life-long love of learning.

This preschool is a world of learning, laughter and love for your children. They offer a beautiful, modern, spotless facility - right in the heart of Greenwich - and a community of trained educators who care about your child's development and well-being.

Their goal at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Preschool Center is to make your child happy, confident, eager-to-learn and well-prepared for Kindergarten. Their objectives are to create activities based on your child’s individual needs and interests that provide a foundation for language and reading skills, as well as other academic pursuits.

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1-2- 3 Grow - Girls and Boys 15 Months – 3 Years

A nurturing experience where children learn to separate, build early socialization skills and advance through play, discovery, exploration and observation. The process is unhurried and encourages emotional and physical development.

Tinker Tots & Tinker Tots Plus - Girls and Boys 3 – 5 Years

Creative preschool at its best. An atmosphere rich in experiences, concepts and ideas. The focus is on developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities that encourage the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the child. Teaching methods encourage intellectual growth and creative expression. The result: a child prepared the right way for kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum and activities include:

  • Literacy – encourages verbal communication skills and the recognition of some letters
  • Hands-on science – forms a foundation for intellectual development
  • Art – encourages individual creative thoughts and expressions
  • Hands-on Math – introduces experiences associated with numerical concepts
  • Manipulatives – develops concentration, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Music – develops an awareness of one’s body through creative movement and rhythmic activities and explores the use of voice and musical instruments


Tinker Tots Plus is a full-day (7:30 am – 6:00 pm), 5-day- per-week, 50-233k program that offers the same curriculum as Tinker Tots and is ideal for working parents.

Included are six special classes:

  • Two-years old receive Music and Gymnastics instruction
  • Ages three, four and five receive expert instruction in basic Gymnastics, Music, Spanish and Swimming*
  • Ages four and five receive Yoga and Naturalist visit monthly

*Only children attending five days per week get instruction in all courses




For information, school tours and enrollment call Geri Smiles, Director of Childhood Education, at 203-869-6501, ext. 221 or send an email to g.smiles@ywcagreenwich.org.


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Additional Information

Name: YWCA Greenwich - Steven and Alexandra Cohen Preschool Center
Address: 259 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.
Website: ywcagreenwich.org/preschool
Phone: 203-869- 6501, ext 221 (Geri Smiles)