Yale Summer Academy | offered by Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

Sponsored by Yale University, the Yale Summer Academy (offered by Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs) is an immersive, innovative academic experience for high school students, designed to develop the next generation’s top thinkers and change-makers.

During this sought-after program, you’ll spend two weeks applying interdisciplinary knowledge and reasoning to mission-minded planning. Working in groups, you’ll zero in on a social, local or global issue, then collaborate to develop a functional plan to inspire positive change. The program culminates in a social entrepreneurship focused initiative presented at the Program Symposium held on Yale’s campus, and open to family and friends.

A rotation of academic enrichment classes is woven throughout these two weeks, imparting all necessary reasoning, rationale and topic-related knowledge. Your unique schedule incorporates five academic enrichment classes taught by Yale Graduate students, including; Communications, Economics, Environmental Science, Politics and Technology. From policy to public speaking, you’ll emerge with a stronger sense of the world around you and its relationship to your own strengths and skills.


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In addition to time spent with your peers in daily classes and groups, you’ll make friends during recreational evening activities, daily “Explore Yale” breakout sessions that introduce you to Yale’s most celebrated and picturesque museums, libraries, labs and landmarks such as the Yale Peabody Museum and the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design.

There is also a weekend trip to New York City, experience the city and enjoy a sightseeing cruise of the stunning skyline. On Sunday, you’ll explore some of New Haven’s hot spots such as the world-famous Frank Pepe Pizzeria, Jordan’s – the world’s largest ropes course – or the Pez Factory.

*Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs is independent of Yale University, its faculty and its admissions office.

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There’s no app for that! You've got to be here.

As the following photos will show you, there actually isn’t an app for this summer experience! You can’t login remotely and you can’t join us via Google hangout - it just wouldn’t be the same. You have to be here; doing it, living it and being a part of it.

So, go ahead and explore these Yale Summer Academy images.


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The Krinsky Experience

Not just a summer camp – it’s a lifetime experience.

Summer should be about doing something you love, meeting people from all over the world, preparing for college or your future career and experiencing something new.


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Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs redefines summer with 20+ programs in business, coding, fashion, art, cooking, music, science, photography and more!

You will join students from 45 states and over 140 countries at one of our programs for ages 10-18 at Yale University, Villanova University, University of Pennsylvania or Haverford College. Live on an amazing university campus, surrounded by the food, history and culture of that town.



At JKCP we understand that it’s all the small details of an experience that add up to be something great.

From the moment you arrive, we make every detail of your summer not only fun, but a unique experience customized just for you!

We continually push the limit on student-centered programming. Cutting edge classes and programs, high-caliber academic curricula, a global student body, trips on the East Coast, dorm life, on and off campus activities – the Krinsky Experience has mastered it all. We get to know you personally and help you feel like you are part of the JKCP family now and long after you leave. This is the place to be this summer. This is #JKCP.

For more information visit www.jkcp.com, or call 610.265.9401 to speak with one of our expert Program Advisors who will help you find the right summer experience for you.

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Additional Information

Name: Yale Summer Academy, offered by Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs
Location: Yale University - New Haven, CT
Business Address: 610 S. Henderson Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406.
Website: www.jkcp.com/yale
Phone: 610-265-9401