Whitby School: 'The Rookie Wookies' Host "Force for Change" Event Supporting UNICEF Kid Power

Rookie Wookies? Cupcake Queens? Jedi Trivia? It all added up to an intergalactic good time (for a great cause) at Whitby School in Greenwich, CT - and we have the photos to prove it!

On October 25th, 2018, a student group from Whitby School known as "The Rookie Wookies" hosted a “Force for Change” fundraiser supporting UNICEF Kid Power.

The event, co-sponsored by the Whitby Parents Association, took place in the Upper School Design Lab. “Ever since our first Star Wars event in 2016, we have been trying to host another one,” says 8th grader Kaitlyn Sandoval-Diaz, producer of the student video series, What’s Up Whitby. Kaitlyn continued, “After two years, ‘The Rookie Wookies’ are finally back! It’s especially great that all proceeds go to UNICEF Kid Power.”

The October event raised $1,932.18 in funds, and a check was sent from Whitby School to UNICEF’s New York City office on November 5th.

"The Rookie Wookies," who planned the event during the entire month of October, includes over 25 students from 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Says 7th grader Ava Viscarello, "The Cupcake Queens were the official bake sale sponsors of this event, which was an awesome chance for my brand to help UNICEF. I was originally the youngest Rookie Wookie member, so it was great to connect to my past.” Ava also created flyers for the event, stating, “I had the opportunity to create a new logo for The Rookie Wookies, using skills I learned in Design class.” The flyers, which advertised the fundraiser date, entrance fee, and event sponsors, were posted around Whitby’s Upper School for two weeks leading up to the event.

Event attractions included donations by fundraiser attendees, such as baked goods by The Cupcake Queens, Jedi trivia by Trivia x2, Raffle by What’s Up Whitby, and refreshments by the Whitby Parents Association.

“It was an honor to facilitate the second ‘Rookie Wookies’ fundraiser for UNICEF along with co-chair Rita Lovett," says student activities coordinator Phil Lohmeyer. He continued stating, “Our donation will pay for 64 UNICEF Kid Power Bands, which can earn therapeutic foods for children around the world through physical activity.”

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For more information about UNICEF Kid Power visit unicefkidpower.org, and to learn about “The Rookie Wookies” student group at Whitby School, email plohmeyer@whitbyschool.org.


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