Tri State Thunder - Westchester + Fairfield Counties' Premier Youth Basketball Organization

Tri State Thunder Basketball - based out of Greenwich, CT - knows what it takes to succeed on the court: dedication, confidence, and skill.

They also know that these things do not come easy. The philosophy at Tri State Thunder is simple; they are dedicated to building each and every player’s confidence and providing them with the drills and discipline necessary to improve their skills on the basketball court.

Mark Your Calendars - And Check Back Soon! Tri-State Thunder will be releasing their tryout schedule for Summer Leagues in the very near future!

** Players are encouraged to attend both tryout dates to best showcase their abilities. If your child has a conflict with any of the dates SEND TRI STATE THUNDER AN EMAIL.

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Steve Juricek, founder of Tri State Thunder, has been coaching basketball for 15 years. Coach Juricek plans and oversees all teams practices in the spring and is the Head coach of 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade A teams. Other coaches are Paul Hill, Jared Johnson, Nick Cannon and Dave Mangum.


About Tri State Thunder Basketball


In 2010, with a group of nine players, the first Tri State Thunder team was organized. Today, Tri State Thunder offers teams, clinics, and leagues for over 250 kids each year - and it has grown to become Westchester and Fairfield Counties' premier youth basketball organization.

At Tri State Thunder, they believe in teaching fundamentals first and training their players to be decision makers and leaders on and off the court. They are focused on the goal of preparing all of their athletes for the next level of play. Tri State Thunder doesn't measure success with wins, youth championships and trophies -- because that does not help their athletes play high school and college basketball. Instead, they measure success with the development of their player's love of the game, basketball IQs, and understanding of teamwork.

If you want your child to learn the game the right way, Tri State Thunder is the organization for you!



Travel Basketball

Practice is the backbone of the program!

The Tri State Thunder strategy begins with a primary focus on developing man-to-man defense skills on the team. Their coaches will only implement a zone defense when they feel the team has fully grasped the fundamental defensive concepts of man-to-man.

All Thunder teams run an open-offense - focusing on spacing, cutting, screening, and ball movement. They feel the development of player's “basketball IQs” and creativity come from an embrace of rules and guidelines, rather than robotic and outdated “set-plays.”

The coaches at Tri State Thunder understand that every situation in basketball requires split-second decision-making. They focus on teaching their teams HOW TO PLAY rather than teaching them how to run plays.

The end result: Tri State Thunder players learn the importance of playing TOGETHER, thinking on their feet, and reacting to their opponents. Their player’s fundamental basketball actions become instinctual - which will serve them well as they continue in the game.

All Tri State Thunder players are expected to give 100% during practice. This will contribute to their own development, and the team’s development. The harder they practice, the more it will impact their playing time. Tri State Thunder coaches recognize and reward this personal commitment.

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Tri State Thunder Spring Travel Teams: MAR-JUNE

Tournaments take place locally (within a 45 minute drive) on the weekends. Each tournament consists of two Saturday games and at least one Sunday game. Depending on a teams record for that particular tournament, they could advance to a semi final and championship game on Sunday.

Each team is entered into a tournament every other weekend.

Teams practice once a week for 1.5 hours. We shift to once a week practices as many of our players are involved with other spring sports at the same time.


3rd Grade – Tues 5:30-7:00pm
4th Grade – Wed 5:30-7:00pm
5th Grade – Wed 7:00-8:30pm
6th Grade – Tues 7:00-8:30pm
7th Grade – Thurs 5:30-7:00pm
8th Grade – Thurs 7:00-8:30pm
9th Grade – Wed 7:00-8:30pm


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Additional Services

Private Training (1 on 1)

Individualized attention will help fine-tune a player’s skill. This is perfect for shot development.

Small Group Advanced Training (2-6 players)

Players will feed off the energy of their peers in the group, which will raise the level of competition during the session. With a group of players, coaches can work on applying the skills learned to live game situations.

Large Group Clinics (8 or more)

Generally these clinics are formed for K-2nd grade groups. Parents put together the group (usually classmates and friends) and coaches run a one-hour class consisting of fundamental skill development, contests, and instructional scrimmages. Large group clinics is a great introduction to the game of basketball!


About Steve Juricek - Founder of Tri State Thunder

Steve Juricek

Steve Juricek is the founder and director of Tri State Thunder. He has been coaching players’ ages for 4-17 for 15 years. Steve has developed a team basketball curriculum that trains player’s instincts and reactions as they learn to play together, resulting in their ability to make the correct split-second decisions that are required to be successful on the court.

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Additional Information

Name: Tri-State Thunder
Address: Based out of Greenwich, CT
Phone: 551-427-7775