School of the Holy Child in Rye, NY | Educating Young Women of Conscience and Action

School of the Holy Child in Rye, NY, is an all-girls, Catholic, independent, college-preparatory school for grades 5-12.

Every day at Holy Child we aim to engage our girls in an education that will shape who they are for the rest of their lives. Every project, opportunity, and experience is thoughtfully curated to help develop young women of conscience and action who will "meet the wants of the age."

"As the barriers of a typical classroom come tumbling down, students are better able to connect their learning to practical, real-world applications outside of the classroom."
Melissa Dan, Ed.S. Head of School



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The mission of School of the Holy Child is to develop “women of conscience and action.” Holy Child is part of a global network of schools guided by the educational philosophy of Cornelia Connelly, the founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, and her dedication to “joy in teaching and joy in learning.”

Accomplished and dedicated faculty members foster the spiritual development, individual talents, and interests of each student. This is realized through rigorous and comprehensive academics, arts, athletics, service, and global programs. Holy Child graduates are prepared for the innovative and critical thought necessary in a diverse, interconnected society.

Founded in 1904 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Holy Child was originally located in New York City, and moved to its present location in Rye in 1957.



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Holy Child At A Glance

  • Enrollment for grades 5 through 12 is 333
  • Class of 2019: 54 students
  • Student body is comprised of girls from 70 communities throughout the Bronx, New York, Queens and Westchester, as well as Fairfield County in Connecticut
  • Approximately 30% of students receive need-based financial assistance
  • Students of color make up 20% of the student body
  • There are 84 full- and part-time faculty, staff and administrators
  • Ninety percent of faculty have advanced degrees
  • Student/faculty ratio is 7:1 and average class size is 15

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Holy Child challenges our girls to shape their emerging interests into a course of study that encourages excellence and ignites life-long passions. The desire to explore, collaborate, research, present, and reflect is what defines a Holy Child student.

Holy Child’s curriculum is built by committed faculty and driven by students who play an active role in choosing their academic paths. Together, they form an individualized educational experience.

All girls have laptops or tablets, which help them keep pace in flipped classrooms and gives them access to the latest educational technologies, including state-of-the-art lab tools and personalized software for studying world languages. Class offerings in engineering, architecture, and robotics begin as early as fifth grade.

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The All Girl Advantage

At Holy Child, every girl is known and valued, and encouraged to be her best self within the classroom and beyond. Girls occupy every role: every part in the school play, every seat in student government, and every position on every team.

The benefits of an all-girls Holy Child education:

  • We capitalize on girls' unique learning styles. We value cooperation, hands-on learning, discussion, and experience.
  • We create a culture of achievement. Highly motivated girls are empowered to become courageous and compassionate leaders.

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Campus Life

Holy Child is proud to offer a vibrant student life that includes a large number of educational, cultural, athletic and extracurricular activities. Join or start a club, play a sport, run for student government, or volunteer. There are numerous choices for involvement in campus life at Holy Child.

Holy Child artists can explore theatre, dance, choral and instrumental music, as well as the visual arts, from painting and photography to computer graphics and sculpture.
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Whether a girl is an accomplished athlete with her sights set on collegiate athletics, or a novice looking to enjoy the experience on a team, the Holy Child athletic philosophy ensures each student has a place. Beginning in fifth grade, our physical education program is used as a foundation for athletic achievement. Our 5-12 athletic programs build skill, confidence, camaraderie, and self-esteem.
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“At Holy Child there is a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities, making it easy to make friends and excel in the classroom. As the atmosphere is spirited and upbeat, I genuinely enjoy coming to school every day and am always looking forward to growing as a student.”
Lila, Class of 2017

"Although I am sad that my time at Holy Child is almost over, I know that I will be a more enthusiastic and dynamic learner because of my experiences here. Since my first day of sixth grade, Holy Child has taught me the value of a strong community and how to learn."
Emily, Class of 2019

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The Middle School Experience

The Middle School at Holy Child offers an intimate and challenging learning environment for girls in grades five through eight.

We balance skill development with an enriching curriculum that encourages the girls to engage with others and the world. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to take risks, work collaboratively, and guide them to become the best version of themselves.

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The Upper School Experience

Holy Child is an extraordinary school - academically, spiritually, and physically.

We offer an individualized and innovative curriculum, including advanced placement classes in all the disciplines, expansive offerings in the visual and performing arts, a competitive athletic program, and multiple opportunities for leadership. We encourage our students to challenge their minds, explore their passions, and push themselves outside their comfort zones so they grow personally, spiritually, and socially.

The dedication of our faculty to their students and the students’ love for their School is exceptional. Holy Child Upper School students work diligently, and are supported by individual attention from faculty and administration. We work collaboratively with our students and families to ensure that each student is known and valued, and her academic and individual goals are supported.

Academic rigor, personal attention, and opportunities to excel outside the classroom are hallmarks of the Upper School at Holy Child. Students are encouraged to discover their passions and are supported to pursue those interests in order to develop their own unique potential.

Students receive careful guidance regarding course selection and graduation requirements, as well as with the college admissions process. Holy Child students are encouraged to take the most rigorous program in which they will be successful. Schedules are tailored and designed to accommodate individual student strengths. It is rare that two students in the Upper School have the same schedule.

In addition to Holy Child’s course requirements, students may also elect, with approval from the Dean of Student Academic Affairs, to enroll in classes through the Online School for Girls. Online School for Girls provides an exceptional all-girls educational experience by connecting girls worldwide through relevant and engaging coursework in a dynamic online learning community.
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During the course of their senior year, students are required to explore and prepare for an internship, research project, or hands-on experience in a field of interest to be completed during the last two weeks of school culminating with a presentation to the class and faculty.

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Holy Child Signature Programs

One of the most important features of a Holy Child education is the experiential learning we provide our students. Holy Child offers students a variety of opportunities to study, serve, and explore areas around world with opportunities to study abroad, and educational trips to to Iceland, China, Peru, and South Africa, encouraging our girls to become global, creative thinkers. Trips to corporations, the opera, cultural clubs, Cape Cod for 7th grade, and more enable our students to learn from real-life experiences and become confident leaders within the classroom and beyond.

The Ann F. Sullivan Global Studies Program provides Upper School students with opportunities to engage in meaningful and contemplative travel. Our students have studied art and Italian language in Florence, built homes on the Gulf Coast, volunteered at a children’s hospital in Peru, visited Holy Child Network Schools in Ghana and immersed themselves in the culture and architecture of Montreal, Cuba, Cabo Verde, and China.
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Architecture, Engineering, and Design for the Common Good is an innovative, two-year program for juniors and seniors that provides instruction in courses not typically taught at the secondary school level. The interdisciplinary STEAM curriculum combines the study of art and architecture with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The year-long junior seminar culminates with an immersion program in June where students begin the community-based engineering and design project that will become the subject of their senior thesis. The senior design project must improve some aspect of the community experience, either on the Holy Child campus itself or in the surrounding neighborhoods.
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The Italian Cultural Studies Program is a rigorous, two-year cultural immersion experience for juniors and seniors that raises awareness about Italian culture and language while enhancing the mission of Holy Child’s Global Programs. As part of the program, students participate in a college-level seminar course exploring the history, art, language, literature, architecture and politics of Italy. Field trips, attention to current events, and cultural programming complement classroom instruction. The first year culminates in a research tour of Italy during which students explore topics they expand into their individual research projects as seniors.
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The new Leadership Institute in Finance has been made possible by a $50,000 grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation and matching gifts from our generous community. This two-year college-level seminar course will empower girls to master financial literacy, explore business ethics, and develop effective leadership skills to prepare for competitive internships and careers in finance.


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College Counseling

Beginning in ninth grade, Holy Child students are enrolled in a variety of courses, participate in extracurricular activities, and develop relationships with their peers and faculty. In turn, the faculty and administration get to know and value each girl for what she brings to our community, ensuring that she is offered every opportunity to excel and make the most of her time at Holy Child. By senior year, each student's experiences and relationships render her mature and prepared for the transition to college.

Holy Child’s individualized approach to college counseling involves three major components:

We know our students
Beginning in freshman year, the Director of College Counseling hosts informative seminars with parents. The office works closely with Upper School administrators and faculty to get to know each of our students. During the spring of junior year, students begin a college counseling class, taught by the Director of College Counseling, which continues through the students' senior year. This gives the Director of College Counseling the opportunity to get to know students on a more personal level. Each student and her parents continue to meet with the College Counseling office throughout the college application process, as needed.

We know colleges
In addition to working with students, our experienced College Counseling team has relationships with many college admission officers and works to familiarize them with Holy Child’s rigorous and unique curriculum. Additionally, we invite leaders in college admissions to campus in order to provide students and their parents with the most updated information about the college application process and beyond.

Colleges know Holy Child
Each year, over 100 college admission representatives visit Holy Child's campus to meet with students. The College Counseling team develops relationships with college representatives to ensure they best understand Holy Child's academic rigor and extracurricular offerings.

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Visit Holy Child

Join us on campus for an Open House, a visit day, or one of our special Admission events to learn more about the application process.

Meet our teachers, speak with our students, and see our classrooms in action!



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Additional Information

Name: School of the Holy Child
Address: 2225 Westchester Avenue, Rye, NY 10580.
Phone: 914.967.5622