Speed Into Summer at RPM Raceway | Stamford, CT

Satisfy your NEED for SPEED (PLUS a whole host of additional fun activities) this summer at RPM Raceway in Stamford, CT -- a full-fledged, fast-paced, family-amusement haven less than 15 minutes from downtown Greenwich!

RPM Raceway is America’s ultimate all-electric indoor go-kart and experiential entertainment destination, providing an authentic, exhilarating and memorable racing experience second only to climbing into an actual race car - in addition to virtual reality, racing simulators, bowling, a full arcade, and more! Continue reading for more details on all the thrills to be had at RPM Raceway...


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RPM Raceway believes that anyone can be a driver. No stoplights, speed limits or lanes. Whether gunning it through their lightning fast straightaways, or finding the apex of each hairpin turn, RPM Raceway’s fastest lap racing format will elevate your adrenaline level as you accelerate through its quarter mile European-style racetracks in high-performance, Italian-made go-karts capable of speeds up to 45 MPH+. Race head-to-head against your friends during Arrive and Drive, gather a group of eight+ for a competitive 2, 3 or 4 race event, host a personal celebration race or put your skills to the test among the very best during their year-round racing leagues. Grab a helmet, get behind the wheel and drive like a pro.

RPM Raceway’s electric go-karts are designed to give you a taste of the challenge of formula racing. Push the limits of recreational kart speeds. Don’t lose time in the corners, master the braking zones. Use the brakes at the right moment to lose as little time as possible in the corner. Punch it and explode out of the turn and down the straightaway. These are skills that any pro has mastered.

Now the experience can be all yours! RPM Raceway's go-karts give you the ability to try these racing skills out for yourself. And they’re safe enough for drivers with no racing experience. Their karts can be electronically controlled in case someone decides to play demolition derby. And because they’re electric, the RPM Raceway karts are also emission-free. So don’t worry about the fumes or special clothing. All you need is closed toed shoes.

The best way to learn more about RPM Raceway's karts is to race them. Head over to RPM Raceway and get the high-RPM experience.



Why RPM Raceway?


Italian karts are designed to imitate formula race cars. Side by side racing is done on European tracks with hairpin turns and straightaways, which enable the real feel of a speedway. RPM Raceway hosts racing events which culminate in a main event with medals at the Winners Circle Podium.


The low end torque of an electric kart means immediate and rapid acceleration on the track, with speeds up to 45 mph. The track is conditioned to optimize the grip and traction for superior performance.


Go-karts can be slowed down or stopped by the pit controller in the event of reckless driving or other incidents. RPM Raceway's karts are electric, so no fumes or emissions. Racers are divided into 3 categories for safe and competitive races.


Not everyone is cut out for high RPMs. That’s okay. There are plenty of other ways to have fun at RPM Raceway. They’ve got something for everyone in your group.



Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself with 3 other players in RPM Raceway's Hologate multiplayer VR Simulator Experience.



Racing Simulators

RPM Raceway offers the most realistic and top-notch racing experiences. In addition to their state-of-the-art karts, you can also test your skills and get the feeling of driving an actual race car at top speeds on their unique racing simulator. You can either get behind the wheel or ride-along in the two passenger seats.




Try your luck on one of RPM Raceway's 14 bowling lanes or book a lane for your next sport outing or group event.


From full-size pop a shot, to their stocked redemption store, RPM Raceway has your arcade needs covered!

Apps, Burgers, and Beers

If you’re like us, white-knuckle racing makes you hungry. RPM Raceway has plenty of snacks and drinks to give you a boost and get you back out on the track.

RPM Raceway in Stamford offers dining operations with 138 seats at The Clutch Sportsbar, featuring a chef-driven take on upscale bar food using fresh, high-quality ingredients and 12 local craft beers on tap.

Keep your guests well-fed and ready to race. RPM Raceway offers catering services for events, parties, meetings and more. Call them today with any questions you may have about their group event packages: 203-323-7223



This is where the rubber hits the road! If you're seeking something new and unforgettable to do this summer, take your first steps towards becoming a champion (or at the very least, spend a few hours having an incredibly fun time with friends) at RPM Raceway in Stamford!

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Additional Information

Name: RPM Raceway - Stamford
Address: 600 West Ave, Stamford, CT, 06902.
Website: rpmraceway.com
Phone: 203-323-7223