Photo Gallery: St. Roch’s 2017 Feast

If smiling neighbors, exciting rides, carnival games, the scent of the famous 'pizza fritta', and the dazzling blur of colored festival lightbulbs spells 'Summer' to you - then we hope you had the opportunity to visit the recent St. Roch’s 2017 Feast at St. Roch Church in Greenwich!

The weather cooperated in full August fashion during the four perfect nights (8/9-8/12) of this popular annual festival which helps support the capital needs of the Romanesque Revival church.

Clear weather and the din of children enjoying moments they'll cherish through memories for a lifetime mingled with the wafting aromas of sausage and peppers and the joyous rhythms of live music - including DJ Paul from James Daniel Music, The Breakers, Skunk Rockets and more!

Adults congregated in the beer and wine garden where many engaged in conversation about how quickly we've arrived into mid-August and how early autumn is just around the corner...but these summer moments in Greenwich are just as blissful as they've always been and absolutely deserve to be savored in their full magnificence!

Living Greenwich photographer Patti Finkelstein was on the scene and captured the following images...

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There was also some video taken of the 2017 St Roch's Feat Raffle Drawing...

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Photos by Patti Finkelstein
Writing by Eric Taubert