Photo Gallery: Splashes of Spring Color Around Greenwich

There's something utterly life affirming about the vibrant colors of Spring - and each new day in Greenwich this month is positively awash in the rainbow hues of the season.

From the Cherry Blossoms to the Hellebore - to the Daffodils, Forsythia and Tulips; Living Greenwich photographer Pam Grunow has stopped en route to her appointments, errands and gatherings with the sole intention of capturing these visions of warmer months beginning to emerge.

Now she's sharing them with the rest of us.

Take a look below and see how April and May are the perfect months for slowing down a little and being caught off-guard by color and motion after months of the monochromatic stillness of winter.

This year, these months, when a blossom or some foliage catch your eye while riding the sunlight and breeze, make it a point to stop your forward motion for a moment and look more closely. Witness and absorb the tones and pigments. Appreciate the shapes and textures. Breathe the perfume of fresh flower petals. Follow the play of light through the leaves and blades of grass.

Remember something about a day just like this from a long time ago.

Or, find yourself in the present moment, experiencing the day, rather than riding auto-pilot past the best stuff until daytime flies into evening, and night, and another day is gone.

Take the time. Make moments. Your memories will thank you.


Click any image below for a larger view:

Photos by Pam Grunow
Writing, Eric Taubert