Photo Gallery - Late August at the Greenwich Farmers' Market

Where have you been purchasing your fruits and vegetables? Do you support area farmers by purchasing local, Connecticut-grown produce?

When you do, you'll appreciate the freshness, flavor, and quality - we can attest!

The good news, for all of us in Greenwich, is that the Greenwich Farmers' Market has been thriving for over 20 years through the support of local residents who prefer to have some understanding as to where their food is coming from and the processes used to bring it to market.

Located in the Arch Street Parking Lot, the Greenwich Farmers Market also prides itself on being a 'producers-only' market. That means they only accept farmers who actually grow the products they are selling. It also means that this isn't one of those flea-market style farmer's markets where arts, crafts, services and more are working to garner your attention and persuade you into a purchase. The emphasis here is all on the food; from vegetables and fruits, through to jams, jellies, honey, and even meat!

It's especially satisfying to visit the Greenwich Farmers' Market during the autumn harvest season and see the seasonal changes in what is being offered - then purchasing everything that appeals (think apples, winter squash, and more) and having those same seasonal changes reflected in the delicious dishes you make at home for your family!

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The hours are from 9:30-1:00 every Saturday through Thanksgiving - and, this year, could maybe/possibly even extend into December!

Parking is free during market hours.

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Photos by Pam Grunow
Writing by Eric Taubert