PHOTO GALLERY: Greenwich Through the Lens of Fine Art Photographer Julie Dibiase

If you love Greenwich the way that we do, chances are that you enjoy seeing artful images of the local landmarks and picturesque secret corners of our beautiful town.

As you could well imagine, we see more than our fair share of Greenwich-area images here in the offices of Living Greenwich - but over the past few months, there were a few photos of our local landscape that happened to catch our eye - and they all happened to be taken by the same photographer.

So we took it upon ourselves to track her down and ask if she'd share a few of her images and a couple of her thoughts with us.

Here's what she had to say:

Thanks for joining us today, Julie. Why don't you take a moment and introduce yourself to the readers of Living Greenwich...

My name is Julie DiBiase and I'm a Fine Art Photographer. I work in color and black and white, film and digital. My subject matter ranges from landscape and seascapes, to still life and architectural elements.


Julie Dibiase (wearing one of her scarves) - Fine Art Photographer

How long have you been a photographer and what got you started

I was interested in photography at a young age. As a child I always had a camera in my hand - it was my prized possession. Now photography is my passion.

I studied Fine Art and Commercial Art at the Propersi Institute of Art which was located in Greenwich, graduating first in my class and receiving the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society award for excellence and personal integrity.

I don't recall a defining moment when I segued into photography, but I do recall my first exhibit - the Art to the Avenue event, sponsored by the Greenwich Arts Council in 2003. I have participated every year since, and Art to the Avenue will always have a special place In my heart!

You head out of the house with camera in hand.... What is it that you're looking to capture out there?

Being a photographer, I'm very visually stimulated and keenly observant. I get excited about everything, whether it be a small leaf or shell, a majestic building or landscape.

My favorite thing to do is to photograph something that most people would overlook. A rusty old truck. A small shell. A crumpled leaf. A broken window.... to make them take a second look, to see the extraordinary beauty in what might be an ordinary object.

Why have you photographed so many scenes in and around Greenwich? Can you speak to the significance of the area, plus specific things that you love about the area.

I get to see the beauty of Greenwich almost every day, whether it is on my way to work at the Elm Street Oyster House or doing errands.

I almost always have my camera in the trunk of my car - just in case a photographic opportunity should present its self.

Sometimes I will set out with a particular destination in mind, especially if the lighting is right.

Greenwich has much to offer photographers...beautiful parks, such as Binney Park (my personal favorite), Bruce Park, Cos Cob Park and of course Tods Point. Also gardens which explode with color in the spring and a broad range of architecture, ranging from the magnificent Christ Church to the historically significant rustic beauty of the Putnam Cottage.

How has social media had an impact on your work?

With some hesitation I signed up for Facebook and Instagram about a year and half ago - and I'm extremely happy I did!

Both platforms have given me more exposure and access to a wider audience. For example, an interior designer found some images that she liked on my Instagram portfolio for one of her clients.

I use both platforms to promote my prints, note card collection and my line of women's scarves and men's pocket squares.

Also social media has allowed me to connect with other creative professionals. Connecting with them and seeing their work inspires me and helps fuel my creativity.

For those who are interested - best place to see more of your work?

You can see some of my work on my website - but a lot of my more recent work can be seen on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Some of my photography is also on permanent display at Elm Street Oyster House restaurant.

The majority of my works for sale are numbered and signed limited editions. Plus I offer a few very limited edition silver gelatin prints that I handmade in the darkroom.

I recently partnered with Vida Co. - launching a collection of women's scarves and men's pocket squares featuring my original photographic images. You can view my collection by visiting my shop.

I also have a note card collection featuring my original photographic images, as well! Some of these depict scenes of Greenwich and are available at some local shops in Greenwich such as J Papers, Housewarmings, The Drawing Room and Dakor. Also wine themed note cards are available at Val's Putnam Wines and Liquors and Putnam and Vine Wines and Spirits.


Photos courtesy of Julie Dibiase
Interview by Eric Taubert