Photo Gallery: Greenwich Skate Park Grand Re-Opening

The sounds of kickflips, ollies, nosegrinds, and board slides filled the late summer air on September 9th as the Greenwich Skate Park (located at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park on Arch Street) celebrated the grand reopening of its new cement facility.

The Greenwich Skate Park was originally built through a collaborative effort between the Junior League of Greenwich and the Town of Greenwich, Parks and Recreation Department -- and was eventually gifted to the town in 2003. After 14 years of heavy use - the time had arrived for an upgrade to the Skate Park.

This new and improved Skate Park will now allow bikers (at designated times) and scooters -- in addition to the skateboarders.

Living Greenwich photographer Pam Grunow was on-site for the event and managed to capture some of the action for your viewing pleasure.

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Photos by Pam Grunow
Writing by Eric Taubert