Photo Gallery: 2019 St. Roch's Feast in in Chickahominy

Neighbors and Parishioners of Chickahominy's St. Roch's Church were all smiles at this year's annual St Roch's Feast!

Was it due to the famous pizza fritta? The variety of live music? The heart pounding carnival rides or maybe the Beer & Wine garden?

Perhaps it was all those things, but there was no denying a good time was had by everyone in attendance!

Were you there? Have a look at our image galleries from the event and see if you made it into one of our photos!

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Photos by Pam Grunow


Photos by Patti Finkelstein



St. Roch is the Patron Saint of the Italian town of Morra de Sanctis where many of the parish founding members came from. The annual St. Roch's Feast benefits the church and it's commitments to the community.

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Photos by Pam Grunow and Patti Finkelstein
Writing by Patti Finkelstein