Photo Gallery: 2018 Greenwich Kite Flying Festival

The annual Greenwich Kite Flying Festival was held on the beach at Greenwich Point on Saturday, April 21. The event was co-hosted by Parks and Recreation, Greenwich Arts Council, the Indian Cultural Center of Greenwich, and Smart Kids Toys.

All eyes were on the skies as crowds converged with kite strings in hand. Truly an event designed to tickle the imagination of Greenwich-area youngsters (and the young at heart) - full families found ample opportunity to enjoy the bonding art of kite flying together!

The day was pristine. Bright. Sunny. Firm wind. Perfect atmosphere. Temperature in the high 50s. And the air overhead was filled with the myriad hues of soaring and vibrant kites!

And colorful, and lively, they were! Artfully depicting a variety of creatures; ranging from fierce and menacing sharks and cobras - all the way through to butterflies, birds, and nostalgic cartoon characters! Box kites. Fighter kites. Streaks of color dancing across the blue sky and reflected in the tidal pools and ocean below; each blur of action tethered to the ground through a string held by someone smiling on the beach.

The perfect coastal kick-off to the warmer months in Greenwich!


Photos by Pam Grunow
Story by Eric Taubert