Photo Gallery: 2017 St. Catherine of Siena’s Carnival of Fun

The dizzying lights of carnival rides. The nostalgic scents of festival foods. The din of live music. The excitement in the voices of those playing games of chance. Night falls. The flashing array of lit bulbs in motion mingles with the frenzied fray of the excited crowd. These are the moments summer memories are made of...

On Tuesday through Saturday of last week (with the exception of Friday, when it was cancelled due to rain), the St. Catherine of Siena’s Carnival of Fun was held on the church grounds at 4 Riverside Avenue.

The carnival is a significant fundraiser for the church and tends to draw families and fun-seekers from all over Fairfield County and Westchester - with organizers estimating crowd sizes of 2,000+ each night. The volunteers alone - a passionate group of individuals donating time to the church and for the love of this annual town legacy - number over 120 each night. The proceeds raised benefit the church - from day-to-day operational costs, through to bigger maintenance and improvement projects on the church property.

The funds raised from ride tickets and food sales are supplemented with the sale of raffle tickets - including one for a 2017 BMW coupe (visible outside of the church to help spur ticket sales).

We had Living Greenwich photographers Pam Grunow and Lizzie Burnett on the scene capturing images of the action!

Click any of Pam Grunow's images below for a larger view:


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Photography by Pam Grunow and Lizzie Burnett
Writing by Eric Taubert