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Sponsored by Yale University, the Yale Pre-College Summer Program offered by Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs is an immersive academic experience for high school students.

During the program, participants take an interactive rotation of academic enrichment classes in the subjects of Communications, Economics, Environmental Science, Technology and Politics.

Participants use the topics and skills they learn to work on a group project relating to an environmental issue facing their local or global communities. In addition to time spent with peers in daily classes and groups, relationships are forged through recreational evening activities, visits to on-campus museums and labs, and a weekend trip to New York City.

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Program Overview

The project-based component of the program introduces high-level leadership, advocacy and teamwork training. You and your group will agree upon an issue you and use the knowledge learned in your classes to develop an initiative and begin to inspire change. You’ll showcase your group’s work during the Sustainability Symposium at the end of the session.

As mentioned, academic enrichment classes are offered in Communications, Economics, Environmental Science, Politics and Technology. You’ll have a unique schedule to rotate through the five subjects. Yale graduate students instruct these courses, providing you with relatable knowledge to spark your curiosity and develop your group’s initiative.

Social opportunities are a cornerstone of this program. In addition to time spent with your peers in daily classes and groups, you’ll make friends during recreational evening activities, on-campus excursions to museums and labs, and a weekend trip to New York City. You will explore Yale’s campus and visit places such as the Yale Peabody Museum and the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design. During the weekend trip to New York City, you will experience the city and enjoy a sightseeing cruise of the stunning skyline. Innovative Sustainability will leave you with lasting friendships and a motivation to continue learning.

*Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs is independent of Yale University, its faculty and its admissions office.

There’s no app for that! You've got to be here.

As these following photos will show you, there actually isn’t an app for this experience! You can’t login remotely and you can’t join us via Google hangout - it just wouldn’t be the same. You have to be there; doing it, living it, being a part of it. So, go ahead and explore these Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs images.

Directed Studies Orientation 2015
Timothy Dwight College
Harkness Tower

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The Krinsky Experience

Not just a summer camp – it’s a lifetime experience.

At JKCP we understand that it’s all the small details of an experience that add up to be something great. From the moment you arrive, we make every detail of your summer not only fun, but a unique experience customized just for you! We continually push the limit on student-centered programming. Cutting edge classes and programs, high-caliber academic curricula, a global student body, trips on the East Coast, dorm life, on and off campus activities – the Krinsky Experience has mastered it all. We get to know you personally and help you feel like you are part of the JKCP family now and long after you leave.

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Additional Information

Name: Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs
Location:Yale University - New Haven, CT
Business Address: 610 S. Henderson Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406.
Website: jkcp.com/program/yale-pre-college-summer-program.php
Phone: 610-265-9401