Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs | Enrichment for High School Students

Variety is the spice of life, making Enrichment a favorite for students who want to try a few different things!

At Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, they like to think of Enrichment as the “jack of all trades” program – perfect for the athlete who loves to paint, the gamer who shoots short films and the writer who sketches red carper fashion designs.

Create your perfect summer schedule by choosing one morning course and one afternoon course from 30+ classes across subjects spanning the arts, sciences, fashion, fitness, engineering and so much more! They offer all of these choices not only because they’re fun, but because trying new things is key to uncovering passion.

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There’s no app for that! You've got to be here.

As these following photos and videos will show you, there actually isn’t an app for this experience! You can’t login remotely and you can’t join us via Google hangout - it just wouldn’t be the same. You have to be there; doing it, living it, being a part of it. So, go ahead and explore these Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs videos and images.

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The Krinsky Experience

Not just a summer camp – it’s a lifetime experience.

At JKCP we understand that it’s all the small details of an experience that add up to be something great. From the moment you arrive, we make every detail of your summer not only fun, but a unique experience customized just for you! We continually push the limit on student-centered programming. Cutting edge classes and programs, high-caliber academic curricula, a global student body, trips on the East Coast, dorm life, on and off campus activities – the Krinsky Experience has mastered it all. We get to know you personally and help you feel like you are part of the JKCP family now and long after you leave.

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Additional Information

Name: Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs
Location:Villanova University – Villanova, PA
Business Address: 610 S. Henderson Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406.
Website: jkcp.com/program/enrichment-for-high-school-students.php
Phone: 610-265-9401