Here's What Happens When Winter Warms Up At Greenwich Point

The first hint of spring arrived in Greenwich today, and it almost felt like summer...

Isn't it amusing how, the first time the temperature bumps up out of the frigid range, New Englanders decide en-masse to don their fair weather clothes and head out towards the coast?

There's an energy that builds within us all winter - and warm temperatures after a prolonged spell of wintery weather cause it to stir, roust it from hibernation, wake it and cause it to send us out the front door, squinting against the almost-spring sunlight!

And that movement, those sun-rays on our skin, the sound of the waves, the scenery dotted with others experiencing the same excitement, our world coming back to's the definition of bliss.

At least, until winter returns for several more weeks :-(

But today - there was lots of action at Greenwich Point. Temperatures climbed into the high 60's. A few brave souls even splashed in the water.

And we have the images to prove it...


Photos by Pam Grunow
Writing by Eric Taubert