Greenwich Catholic School - The Dougherty Center for Early Learning

The Dougherty Center for Early Learning at Greenwich Catholic School provides a safe and nurturing environment for Pre-K children (ages 3-4) and teaches age-appropriate activities for social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development all under our loving faith of God.

The Dougherty Center for Early Learning is unique in many different ways. They see each child as an inventor, a problem solver, and a discoverer - while motivating their natural curiosity. The Dougherty Center program emphasizes a primary goal for children to get along well with others while also becoming enthusiastic, independent, self-confident, and curious learners.

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Curriculum and Classes

Children at the Dougherty Center for Early Learning benefit from state-of-the-art preschool instruction, designed to develop necessary social skills in both small-group and large-group environments. The Dougherty Center’s curriculum combines these activities with structured and independent learning sessions, designed so that early learners develop heightened levels of critical thinking and academic development.

The Dougherty Center also seeks to combine their preschool curriculum, which is geared toward inducing creativity and curiosity in students, with plenty of motor skills and social development. This nurturing environment is reinforced by the school’s Catholic Identity ensuring a spiritual foundation and a love for God in their students.



Preschool children at the Dougherty Center additionally take part in many of Greenwich Catholic School's enrichment classes - such as gym, music, foreign language, art, and library.

There is a transitional preschool class that has a modified curriculum to foster a child’s different learning needs. The transitional Pre-K class has a small student to teacher ratio to focus on each child’s learning process for a successful learning outcome.

The Dougherty Center utilizes effective teaching approaches that are also developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate for young children.

Greenwich Catholic School is also cognizant that half of a child’s education takes place at home and that preschool may be the first time parents part with their children for an extended period. With this in mind, teachers strive to engage with parents in open communication and encourage parental involvement.





Admission to the Dougherty Center for Early Learning at Greenwich Catholic School is a multi-step process and begins in the fall for the following year. While most families complete the process by our priority deadline of December 15th, we continue to accept students throughout the year as spaces become available. Please click here for more information on the Admissions Process.

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Beyond Pre-K at Greenwich Catholic School

Founded in 1970, Greenwich Catholic School has pioneered education for children through eighth grade for over forty years. Their holistic perspective in education—combining faith with critical thinking—embodies the Catholic passion for supporting social, cognitive, physical, and language development in all of its students. The combined efforts of teachers and school administrators mold preschoolers into becoming enthusiastic learners and creative thinkers.

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Additional Information

Name: The Dougherty Center for Early Learning at Greenwich Catholic School
Address: 471 North Street, Greenwich, CT 06830.
Phone: 203-869-4000