Greenwich-Based Academic Tutoring for Students with Anxiety, Learning Differences, and ADHD

Is your teen or young adult struggling with anxiety and the pressures of a pandemic-era classroom (whether in person or online)? Alliance Tutoring of Greenwich offers individualized instruction with experienced educators that can be extremely helpful in supporting a child’s needs.

Alliance Tutoring is a collection of elite educators hand-picked from the private school circuit who specialize in providing holistic academic and personal support to students with anxiety and its related conditions, in home and online. Alliance tutors are dynamic educators, mentors and academic coaches in one, with advanced degrees from highly competitive institutions and extensive experience in education, able to address even the most challenging cases by drawing on their diverse backgrounds in working across the spectrum. They are warm and personable, forming close attachments with clients to develop the necessary rapport for personal and educational success.

Alliance Tutors are trained in the best practices to tutor teens and young adults with anxiety through “The Anxiety Institute” of Greenwich and other therapeutic organizations to help address these issues and get these individuals back on the right academic path. The targeted groups include students with generalized anxiety, perfectionism, anxiety due to learning disabilities, acute anxiety, social phobia and test anxiety.

Alliance Tutoring seeks to help teenagers and young adults who are strained by the harsh realities of pandemic education. In a time of great uncertainty, Alliance Tutors will help students navigate the difficult challenges and bridge the gap from their previous educational experience to the future to come.

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