Don't Miss: "The Great American Landscape" Exhibition at the Flinn Gallery

As we head into the early part of the new year, with its promise of colder weather for Greenwich, the time is perfect for the warmth of the indoor appreciation of arts and culture. One event you won’t want to miss is "The Great American Landscape" exhibition at the Flinn Gallery at Greenwich Library.

This exhibition of 55 pieces is a scenic celebration of the diversity and grandeur of our United States, as seen from the unique perspectives of the 9 artists represented in the show: Mariella Bisson, Nate Burbeck, Jay Friedenberg, John Griebsch, Jivan Lee, Susan Lynn, Craig Mooney, Michael Thornton-Smith, Travis Walker.

From depictions of majestic mountains, agricultural fields, windswept valleys, winding rivers, the force of nature, lonely characters surrounded by the stories of sparse isolation, and all the way to pinpoints of light conveying the hopes, warmth and struggle of humanity amidst the ancient topography of mountains and shorelines -- the experience of encountering these artworks is akin to discovering (or revisiting) the brazen landscapes, varied hues and subtle whispers of America through the eyes and imaginations of artists in absolute mindful appreciation of the hallowed forms they’ve brought to life for us in this notable exhibition.

Jivan Lee, Winter Storm, Galisteo Basin, 2015, © Jivan Lee Jivan Lee, Winter Storm, Galisteo Basin, 2015, © Jivan Lee

Seek out the oil impasto canvases by Santa Fe artist Jivan Lee. Vibrant and alive, thick paint applied to the canvas deliberately ‘in rhythms of form and color’ manifests elements of sculpted texture and movement to his weather-and-sky-infused compositions of Galisteo Basin and Taos Mountain.

Nate Burbeck, Culberson, Texas, 2011, © Nate Burbeck Nate Burbeck, Culberson, Texas, 2011, © Nate Burbeck

Absolutely make it a point to let your eyes linger a little longer on the hauntingly evocative panoramic canvases painted by Minneapolis artist Nate Burbeck. Each of the works by this talent possesses a noir narrative of mystery, distinctly American, moments stopped in time, always opening more questions than they answer.

More Information:

  • What: ‘The Great American Landscape’ Exhibition
  • When: December 17, 2015 - January 27, 2016
  • Where: Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library, Second Floor, 101 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830
  • More Info:


Featured Image: Travis Walker, Lockhart Ranch Haybales (Jackson, Wyoming), 2015, ©Travis Walker
Writing by Eric Taubert