Fusion Academy Greenwich Summer Semester 2018

Finally! A summer school that won’t take away your summer fun!

At Fusion, all classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher per classroom. This allows us to personalize curriculum and schedule around your family’s summer plans sleep in or go on vacation without worrying about when classes fit in.

Whatever you’re looking for this summer, Fusion has you covered; catch up, get ahead, or try something new. Take a look around to see our basic summer school options, along with some unique-to-Fusion programs.

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Earn class credit

Classes for Credit

Take one class or tackle a whole semester this summer. Catch up on missed credits, retake a class, get ahead before next semester, or supplement a homeschool program with an art, music, or lab class. From algebra to yoga and everything in between, we have over 250 courses for you to choose from, all taught one-to-one.

Honors Classes for Credit

Maximize your college application and readiness with our honors classes for credit. These courses offer a rigorous and in-depth exploration of materials for a successful college experience. Connect with your local campus to find what courses they offer on an honors level.

Independent PE

Turn your summer activity plans into class credit. On a soccer league? Work with a personal trainer? Play competitive tennis? Fusion’s Independent PE class combines supervised physical activity and classroom components for students to earn class credit.


Impress college admissions with a class created by you and for you. Combine two of our current course offerings to make your own unique class, or come up with something brand new. For example, put together art and biology to create a botanical illustration class. If you flip through our course catalog, you’ll see classes created by past Fusion students that are now part of our curriculum. Get creative with us this summer!



Plan for your future

Post-Graduation Navigation

Take the pressure off senior year and work with our Post-Secondary Counselor to make post-graduation plans. For college-bound students they can help with applications, scholarships, test preparation planning and readiness, and prepare them for the college experience. We know college isn’t on everyone’s path, so our PSCs also help with job/career exploration, gap year and other non-traditional options, and prepare for the transition from high school to the real world.

Roadtrip Nation

This unique course takes students on a journey of self-construction and discovery to find, and dig deeper into, what they’re passionate about. Students work through lessons that help them tune in to their own creativity, authenticity, and passion. They learn more about themselves and the mark they want to make on the world. The pinnacle of the program involves an interview with a local leader who also followed their heart to pursue what they are famous for.


Transitioning from one stage of life to another can be exciting and stressful. Let Fusion help you approach the next stage in your academic journey with confidence. Our one-to-one classrooms allow for our teachers to connect and mentor students moving from elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college, or college to what’s next. Popular modules include: organization and time management, benefits of exercise and nutrition, public speaking, self advocacy, leadership skills, stress management, and more.

Fusion Readiness Program

Get a jump start on next semester with our unique Readiness Program the last two weeks of summer. Counteract summer learning loss, ease back in to a school routine, preview a class you might like to take, or get a jump start on that class you’re dreading. You’ll spend two weeks with us reviewing skills form last year, or laying a strong foundation for the upcoming semester. The best part? It’s all personalized in our one-to-one classrooms so we’re able to customize the program to your specific needs.



Try Something New

Art & Music

Express your creativity this summer! Fusion campuses each have a state-of-the-art recording studio and a mixed media art studio so students have the right environment and resources to express themselves. Our robust roster of Art & Music electives are sure to impress. Learn a new instrument or hone your skills, paint a masterpiece or fill your photography portfolio, record your debut album or expand your vocal range…the possibilities are endless.

Fusion Summer Exploratory

New to Fusion? Take us for a test drive! The Fusion Summer Exploratory allows you to get the full Fusion experience in 4-6 weeks at a significantly reduced tuition. You’ll earn class credit with one full semester course, spend some time in our Homework Café, try out an art or music class, and choose two electives.


Fusion’s wellness program is at the core of who we are. It includes 20 sessions, all taught one-to-one, across four wellness elements: Art Expression, Music Expression, Physical Wellness, and Healthy Habits. This program is designed to expose students to a range of healthy habits of self-expression for coping with stressors and improving their quality of life. It is a requirement for all full-time Fusion students, but can be taken by anyone!

Sharpen your skills

Skill Building

Invest some time this summer to have a better school year. Whether you want to be a better writer, conquer that algebra program, manage your money better, or learn better study habits, we have a teacher ready to help you in a one-to-one setting.

Test Preparation

Improve your scores before the next big test or exam. In a one-to-one environment our teachers are able to customize all aspects of the study process for students’ strengths, interests, and learning style. Get help with the SAT, ACT, GED, Entrance Exams, or Regents (NY only), in a personalized setting.

2018 SUMMER SESSION PROMOTION: Fusion Academy is offering 30 Sessions of SAT/ACT Test Prep for the discounted price of $2800. Sessions will be tailored to address each students areas of need/concern. Call today to learn more: 203-323-2191.

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