ESF Summer Camps at Greenwich Academy 2018


Since 1982, ESF’s all-star team of experts has raised the bar and pushed the limits of outstanding summer opportunities where campers of all ages explore their passions and potential.

ESF operates the world’s best experiences that fuel optimism and happiness. It is the gold standard of camps with a long-standing tradition of excellence, including an experienced all-adult staff, award-winning and innovative programs, character-building curriculum, world class campuses, and an unwavering commitment to safety.


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ESF’s exciting line-up of programs includes over 60+ award-winning activities, uniquely designed to encourage exploration and to help campers grow. Providing the perfect blend of ingredients, ESF’s camps inspire laughter, promote creativity and curiosity, develop leadership skills, build self-esteem and confidence, improve athletic ability, and create amazing memories that foster lasting friendships.

ESF’s camps play at many levels, with each activity uniquely designed to appeal to specific ages and interests. Each camp promises something new, because one size does not fit all. Camp offerings for boys & girls include: Mini Camp (Pre-School), Day Camp (PreK-3rd Grade), Sports Camp (1 st – 9th Grade), Senior Camp (4th - 10th Grade), Specialty Major and Technology Camps (K-9th Grade) and Tennis Camp (1st – 10th Grade).

This year, ESF is celebrating its 25 th summer at Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, CT! ESF Camps at Greenwich Academy is home to an amazing group of campers, ages 3-16 and a dynamic, all-adult staff that features extensive indoor and outdoor facilities and provides the perfect setting for campers of all ages to learn and grow. Campus facilities are complete with an outdoor swimming pool, endless athletic fields, gymnasiums, tennis courts, multi-purpose classrooms, art studios, cafeteria, air-conditioned theater, computer lab and so much more for campers to explore. Guaranteed unforgettable summer experiences - rain or shine!



Why ESF Summer Camps at Greenwich Academy?

Experienced All-Adult Staff

The ESF Summer Camps at Greenwich Academy are run by the finest collaboration of educators brought together for a premier summer camp experience. Our Team possesses a deep commitment to the development of each camper and a profound sensitivity to the unique needs of each and every camper.

Our all‐adult, full‐time and seasonal staff is a dynamic team of certified teachers, graduate & undergraduate students. Alongside this unique team, Subject Matter Experts inform and teach our innovative programs. We also consult with leaders in the field of child development to make sure our programs reflect the latest in teaching trends and emotional development. Click here to learn more.



Unparalleled Curriculum

We are hard at work 12 months out of the year researching and preparing experiences that our campers look forward to all year long. Guided by the cutting-edge standards and best practices of today’s leading companies, our subject matter experts provide a deeply innovative curriculum.

A child’s development is an ongoing, ever-changing challenge. So we employ experts in the field and work all year long to ensure our curriculum is at the forefront of it all. From science and technology to engineering and math, from health and psychology to life skills and leadership, ESF makes sure our curriculum continues to be the most innovative and impactful. As a result, you can rest assured that your child’s academic, social, and character development continues throughout the summer months. Click here to learn more.



World-Class Campus - ESF Summer Camps at Greenwich Academy

Since 1993, our camp home is the 39 acre campus of Greenwich Academy. The campus features state-of-the-art facilities that provide the perfect setting for our camps. The extensive indoor and outdoor facilities allow us to offer our unique blend of activities, sports and special events throughout the summer, rain or shine.

In addition to this pristine campus and its facilities, part of what makes our camps so special is the energy and enthusiasm of our staff. From the moment you first arrive, you’ll feel the genuine passion, warmth and friendliness of our staff…and it permeates throughout the campus every day of the summer! Click here to learn more.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Safety, health and well‐being are a priority and we’ve put protocols and mandates into place to ensure every summer is a great summer. From carline and security to handling special allergies or other needs, you can rest assured that your child is in the best of care.

Campers thrive in a safe and nurturing environment. So the health, safety, and well-­being of all our campers and staff is always our first priority at ESF. We care for your kids like they are our own. Click here to learn more.

Character and Life Skills

A character‐building curriculum, expertly designed to explore and expand our campers’ innate talents, curiosities, self‐esteem and social skills. An ESF Summer Camps at Greenwich Academy summer will have a lasting impact on a camper’s growth and development.

We believe building muscles is similar to building physical muscles. We thread opportunities throughout the camp day to strengthen these muscles, thereby making character development a key differentiator of an ESF Experience. Click here to learn more.

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Name: ESF Summer Camps at Greenwich Academy
Camp Address: Greenwich Academy, 200 North Maple Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.
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