Escapes: Storm King Art Center - Sculpture in the Autumn Air

This is the time of year we've been waiting for. The sweater weather and fiery colors of autumn foliage make us just want to grab the car keys, hit the road, and take a long scenic ride beneath a psychedelic canopy of rustling and intermittently falling leaves to go see something new! And if it's an outdoor excursion waiting for us on the other end - even better!

One particular destination that feels as if it was absolutely created with fall day-trips in mind is the Storm King Art Center, just over an hour north in New Windsor, New York.

The lower Hudson Valley is stunning this time of year and the Art Center - with it's 500-acre landscape of fields, hills, and woodlands - provides the perfect 'changing-seasons' setting for their collection of more than 100 carefully sited sculptures created by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time.

Think: Alexander Calder, David Smith, Mark di Suvero, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Richard Serra, Louise Nevelson, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Alice Aycock, Andy Goldsworthy, Alexander Liberman, Sol LeWitt, and Roy Lichtenstein.

Wandering the walking paths through the pastoral grounds with all of their picturesque landscape features - from farmed fields and natural woodlands, to wetlands and meadows - while coming across open-air art (from the small to the grandiose in size) is akin to meandering through a perplexing, beautiful, and symbolic dreamscape.

Storm King Art Center has, possibly, the largest collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the United States. This is a place that needs to be experienced to be believed. You'll adore the activity of encountering profound pieces of artwork thoughtfully placed among the scenic terrain with full consideration of both their immediate surroundings and distant views. Nature enhanced through human creativity. Imagination and artistry conspiring along with wildlife and vegetation to challenge and delight the minds of all who witness the mosaic of colors and forms born of the inspired union.

Sculpture. Falling leaves. Fresh air. What more could you possibly need?

Learn more at the Storm King Art Center official website.


Photography by Pam Grunow
Writing by Eric Taubert