Creativity, Ocean Air, and Sunshine for Sandblast at Tod’s Point in Greenwich

AMAZING, when artists direct their skills and imagination through the medium of SAND on our local beaches!

This Saturday, July 17 the Sandblast Sand Sculpture Festival took place at Tod’s Point.

The weather cooperated despite less than optimistic forecasts, allowing for the community’s best sand artists to create their masterpieces!

Families headed to the beach armed with shovels, pails, yard + gardening tools, natural objects found at the beach, PLUS a hefty dose of imagination -- and a full day of sand sculpting, castle building, and FUN commenced!

There was no specific theme for the sand sculptures, allowing maximum creativity to flow!

This year’s event was organized by the Greenwich Arts Council as well as the Greenwich Parks and Recreation Department and was sponsored by Logos.

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Photos taken by Kylie Finkelstein