Chabad Gan of Greenwich Pre-School

Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool offers a uniquely warm and nurturing environment for children between the ages of 18 months and five years old.

"At Chabad our children have felt love, friendship, strength and encouragement. They have been nurtured, inspired, guided and challenged.”

The Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool offers comprehensive and developmentally appropriate early childhood educational programs designed to promote a child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth as well as provide a strong foundation for all future learning and living.

Welcoming children aged toddler through pre-k, the Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool offers families a warm and loving environment where their children are guided through the beginnings of the educational process.

Offering a curriculum based on age-appropriate and developmentally accepted practices, the classrooms are set up with special learning centers which include resources like blocks, arts & crafts, supplies for dramatic play, books, manipulatives and the elements for scientific discovery all of which afford the children the opportunity and experience of learning with their peers and helps their emotional, cognitive and physical growth.

In addition, through holiday celebrations and social functions, the school encourages parents to become collaborative partners in the important role of educating these young people to become caring, responsible and creative Jewish adults. Your family becomes a significant part of the Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool community.

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Classes at Gan Preschool

“After having tried and looked at several preschool programs, we finally enrolled our daughter at Chabad, and realized how much small classes and truly devoted and loving teachers can do for the development of a child.”


The Toddler Program is for children from 18 to 24 months. The teachers specialize in the developmental needs of children this age and offer an experience that is nurturing and stimulating as they guide children to build the skills they need to move into a more formal preschool setting.

Nursery 2’s

The Nursery 2’s Program is a foundational class that creates a positive introduction to preschool. Emphasis is placed on creating a warm and comfortable environment in the classroom while concentrating on building independence and confidence, developing social competence, learning to follow rules and routines, and fostering key skills in each developmental area.

Nursery 3’s

The Nursery 3’s Program is focused on maintaining a love of learning and preserving that natural curiosity about the world that young children possess, while also beginning the introduction to more formal academic activities. Children will become familiar with basic concepts in math and language arts as they are prepared for the more structured environment of Pre-K.


The Pre-K Program is for children who will be starting a Kindergarten program the following year. There is a strong focus on both academic readiness for kindergarten (math, language arts, science, music, the arts, etc.) as well as a social skills curriculum which prepares children to navigate social situations effectively and to be responsible, thoughtful, and caring members of their future classrooms.

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Special Activities

Chabad Pre-School supplements all of its in classroom educational programs with weekly special activities designed to further enlighten the children. These special activities range from the active: yoga and gymnastics to to the more experiential: nature, music and art.

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Additional Information

Name: Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool
Address: 75 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT 06830.
Phone: 203-629-9059