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Let me start with a definition. A perambulator is someone who makes a tour or inspection on foot. In my case they are not so much tours or inspections as random wanderings to satisfy my curiosity. The Greenwich part needs no explanation. I live and work (mostly) in town, which affords me frequent opportunities for roaming around. I will be sharing what I see with livinggreenwich.com readers.

A Walk Around Byram

My party arrived early recently for our reservation at new dining hotspot Mill Street Bar and Table, so we took advantage of the unusually mild evening to walk around the intersection of Mill and Water streets, the commercial hub of Byram. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to those quirky “mom and pop” stores that used to line Greenwich Avenue (many, many years ago), their modern day offspring can be found here.

With much lower rents than tonier parts of town, Byram offers retailers a chance to experiment with unique goods and unusual or unexpected product mixes. The old brick buildings make for some interesting spaces and encourage window shopping. By definition, experiments sometimes fail, so the Byram retail scene mix changes with some regularity. But that just gives you more reason to check out this part of town.

As far as the Greenwich Perambulator has seen, no other Greenwich neighborhood has a tattoo shop: Byram boasts two within walking distance of each other: Byram Ink and Book of Life. In fact, stores seem to come in twos here: There are two smoke shops on opposite corners of Mill Street, two pet grooming parlors, and two hair salons. Until mid-last summer, there were two women’s clothing shops, but The Side Door closed and now It’s All About Me stands alone in that retail segment.

The roster of neighborhood restaurants is expanding. Our meal at Mill Street Bar and Table was excellent. Char, a contemporary American restaurant whose menu changes seasonably gets consistently good reviews, as does the Famous Greek Kitchen. And if you are looking for a post-pandrial stroll, there is a small pocket park on Water Street that takes you to the edge of the Byram River. A brief stint on one of its benches is a great way to cap a visit to Byram.

Here are a few more photos from the neighborhood:

Writing by the Greenwich Perambulator, Bob Horton.
Photos by John McShea