2020 Living Greenwich Preschool Guide - Fall Edition

Welcome to the 2020 Living Greenwich Preschool Guide - Fall Edition; a local resource for Greenwich-area parents seeking in-depth information on some of the best local preschool and Pre-K programs available for their children.

While COVID-19 continues to have an impact on both our community and the schools and programs our children attend - one fact remains true: our children need to be educated. All of the programs in our 2020 Living Greenwich Preschool Guide are monitoring this evolving situation constantly and proceeding accordingly as new information surfaces. From enhanced cleaning and social distancing guidelines, to the implementation of creative technological solutions, these schools and programs have, and continue to, work through the process of instituting recommended health and safety practices for the well-being of their students. They are all looking forward to having children back in their classrooms this coming fall and enthusiastically invite you to reach out and contact them for answers to any of the important and timely questions you may have.

Why Preschool? For many of our children, preschool represents their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of other children. Preschool is the place where skill sets that will serve our children well into the rest of their lives begin to find their formal foundations. Learning to share. Following instructions. Social and emotional development. Language and cognitive skills. Developing curiosity. Pre-math and literacy skills. Motor skills. The list of benefits go on and on...

This is precisely why we're bringing the 2020 Living Greenwich Preschool Guide to our community. We want to provide local parents with the information necessary to assist them in choosing from among the best Pre-K programs to suit their child (and family). We've striven to include programs where the young learners in our town will be well-cared for, enjoy an array of beneficial activities, make new friends, and build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do well in kindergarten.

The Greenwich-area schools and programs that are a part of this guide look forward to meeting you and your children, offering tours of their facilities, and answering all of the questions you may have as you weigh the options searching for a perfect fit.

It's never too early to begin making Pre-K plans for your child! We encourage you to reach out and open conversations with the Preschools that interest you today!

Where to begin? Scroll Down to Peruse All Greenwich-Area Preschools - Or Click on Any Name Below to Visit a Specific Preschool Overview. Each preschool opens in a new tab in your browser - to return to this index page and view additional programs, just return to this tab. We strongly suggest taking the time to read the full details for each Preschool - and clicking through to their actual websites - in order to get an informed sense as to the actual spectrum of offerings and activities furnished by each featured listing.

Note: Featured image above courtesy of Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool | A Top Quality Educational Environment Where Your Child’s Individuality Is Valued And Nurtured.


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Living Greenwich Preschool Directory

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Preschool Showcase


Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool | A Top Quality Educational Environment Where Your Child’s Individuality Is Valued And Nurtured

Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool offers a uniquely warm and nurturing environment for children between the ages of 18 months and five years old.

The Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool offers comprehensive and developmentally appropriate early childhood educational programs designed to promote a child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth as well as provide a strong foundation for all future learning and living.

At Chabad Preschool, your child is offered a comprehensive curriculum that includes reading readiness, concepts in numbers, science investigations, social studies, music and movement and art experiences. In addition, we expose the children to a rich and meaningful Jewish Program consisting of holidays, traditions and the Hebrew alphabet and language. We teach our curriculum through developmentally appropriate activities and creative play. We are proud to offer a top quality educational environment where your child’s individuality is valued and nurtured.

Welcoming children aged toddler through pre-k, the Chabad Gan of Greenwich Preschool offers families a warm and loving environment where their children are guided through the beginnings of the educational process.

TIME SENSITIVE PROMOTION: Call Today - 203-629-9059 - and Mention Code 'Living Greenwich" To Take Advantage Of An EXCLUSIVE $400 Discount!

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Greenwich Catholic School | The Dougherty Center for Early Learning

Greenwich Catholic School provides students with a life-long intellectual and spiritual foundation through a rigorous and innovative curriculum focused on faith, critical thinking, responsibility, and service.

The Dougherty Center for Early Learning at Greenwich Catholic School provides a safe and nurturing environment for Pre-K children (ages 3-4) and teaches age-appropriate activities for social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development all under our loving faith of God.

The Dougherty Center for Early Learning is unique in many different ways. We see each child as an inventor, a problem solver, and a discoverer - while motivating their natural curiosity. The Dougherty Center program emphasizes a primary goal for children to get along well with others while also becoming enthusiastic, independent, self-confident, and curious learners.

Apply For Admission: Greenwich Catholic School

Greenwich Catholic School is proud to announce that beginning on September 2nd, we will be offering in-person, full-time, on-campus instruction 5 days per week for students age 3- grade 8. For more information on our reopening plan, click here.

We are grateful for our 40-acre campus and small class sizes that allow us to safely and effectively socially distance. Check out our virtual tour of the campus!

In challenging times, the greatest gift you can give your child is a safe, nurturing, yet academically rigorous learning environment.

Greenwich Catholic School is all of those things and is still accepting applications for the 2020- 2021 school year.

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The JCC Preschool at Greenwich Reform Synagogue | Establishing A Love Of Learning

Our Mission at The JCC Preschool at Greenwich Synagogue is to help children become excited learners and kind, contributing citizens.

We offer children a host of opportunities to innovate, create and play together within a community of learners, while encouraging self-expression, discovery and imagination. Our curriculum is driven by the Jewish (and universal) values of kindness, respect, compassion, confidence and responsibility, and we warmly welcome children of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Registration for the 2020-2021 school years at The JCC Preschool at Greenwich Reform Synagogue are underway!

ESTABLISHING A LOVE OF LEARNING is central to the mission of The JCC Preschool at Greenwich Reform Synagogue (GRS). Utilizing developmentally-appropriate educational principles and practices, our school’s professional educators provide an introduction to formal education with a child-initiated and teacher-directed approach to learning. By capturing and building on a child’s natural enthusiasm, we begin to help children build the self-esteem that is essential to giving them the confidence to excel in school and in life.

OUR PHILOSOPHY Early childhood is a magical time of cognitive, emotional and physical growth. Through exploration, creative play, questioning and a wide variety of activities, your child will begin to discover his or her place in the larger world. We are committed to enabling and empowering children to develop physically, socially and cognitively, while nurturing self awareness, self-esteem, intellectual curiosity and critical-thinking skills in our warm, safe, and caring environment.

OUR FACILITY Your child will find a home at our preschool. Set on the beautiful grounds of Greenwich Reform Synagogue in Cos Cob, our new facility provides an enhanced venue for our children to grow and learn in our topnotch, state-of-the-art school.

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King School | Courageous Thinking

At King School, we seek more than achievement for our students. We open minds and spark courageous thinking. Every day, our students discover and forge their unique paths to excellence, as we teach, guide, and cheer them on. Because when we set better standards for both the experience and outcomes of education, students cultivate the insights and heart to own their future.

When young learners see education as a place to experiment, create, construct, and connect, they develop a more expansive mindset about what school can offer them. They experience education as a path of discovery, understanding, wonder, and joy. These ideas are grounded in the Reggio-Emilia inspired, project based philosophy practiced at King School. We encourage our PreKindergarten and Kindergarten learners to collaboratively explore intentionally created vibrant classroom spaces where children are actively engaged in the process of learning from the earliest ages.

At King, we know that the path to excellence is different for each of us. When children are told there are only a few achievements worth striving for, their creativity and independence are stifled. At King, we set a better standard by daring young people to ask more of their education than a race to the finish. Our better way to be your best means amplifying students’ passions and uncovering their talents. King students celebrate achievement within community, and know that their King experience will take them wherever they want to go.


Meet with our Director of Admission and Financial Access Nina Newman as she hosts a panel discussion about King School with Head of School, Associate Head of School for Program, Head of Upper School, Head of Middle School, and Head of Lower School. They will give you an overview of King’s expert Faculty, academic excellence, kind community, and admission process. Plus enjoy our virtual tour videos. Register today!

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Putnam Indian Field School | Inspiring confidence, curiosity, creativity and a sense of community in every child we teach.

Putnam Indian Field School’s mission is to inspire confidence, curiosity, creativity and a sense of community in every child we teach. PIFS is an independent, co-educational preschool for toddlers through pre-k. Putnam Indian Field School has been the premier early childhood program in the Greenwich area for more than 40 years. Rooted in a play-based, Reggio Emilia-inspired approach, it provides children with an outstanding first school experience and a love of learning.

Built exclusively for young children, the facilities and campus set PIFS apart from all other early childhood programs. The “little red school house” has evolved over the years to include eight light-filled classrooms, a science room, gymnasium, an art studio, a lunchroom and kitchen. In addition, there are five outdoor play areas designed to challenge the various ages and abilities of preschool children, including a new natural playscape with a ropes course, zipline, climbing nets, forts and basket swings. Extensive organic vegetable gardens provide learning experiences for the children and healthy food for lunches and snacks.

The educated and experienced faculty is committed to providing the best learning environment for children. For PIFS educators, teaching at the school is more than a job, it is their calling, and many of the teachers have been with the school for decades. They are dedicated to understanding each child’s needs, interests, and abilities, and to creating plans for continual growth and development. The teachers are happy to spend their days learning and playing with young children.

Parents are an integral part of the school. Constant communication between families and teachers ensures happy and productive experiences for PIFS students. Parent volunteers run the school events and provide input through their involvement on the Board of Trustees and the various committees of the Parents Association.

For the children of PIFS, life at school is play-based, hands-on and full of interesting and exciting learning experiences. “Students here are happy to arrive on campus and eagerly greet me with smiles at the front door every school day,” says Head of School Susan Donaghy.

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Round Hill Nursery School | A Comprehensive Early Learning Experience For Toddlers Through Pre-K

Round Hill Nursery School (“RHNS”) is an independent nursery school located in the backcountry of Greenwich for over 70 years, offering a comprehensive learning experience, beginning at age 2 through Pre-K.

Round Hill Nursery School was founded in 1946 to provide a quality first learning experience for three and four-year-old children in the back country of Greenwich. In 1984, recognizing and responding to the changing needs of families in Greenwich and the surrounding communities, the “First Step” program was established. This program provides for the social and emotional development of 16 two-year-olds exclusively. Today, seven decades after its founding, Round Hill Nursery School provides a superior early learning experience for children from Greenwich and neighboring towns.

The Curriculum at RHNS offers our children experiences which encourage growth in social, physical, cognitive and creative areas. Activities which focus on gross and fine motor skills, language development, pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills, the creative arts and social and emotional growth are the emphasis of our program.

RHNS is a community school with the best interest and safety of our children and teachers as our priority. We are guided in our decision making by local and national authorities and health experts, collaboration with local preschools, and mandates of the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. Under the guidance of the RHNS Covid Response Team, protocols have been established with the goal of keeping our community safe, including daily wellness checks, formation of cohorts, frequent handwashing, disinfecting of toys and surfaces and routine inspection of the environment.

We are prepared to transition to a virtual learning delivery format or hybrid approach should circumstances require us to move to these models. As part of the transition process, we are prepared to support our families (both students and parents) as well as teachers as required.


We welcome the opportunity to connect, and answer all questions you might have!

Contact us today to learn more about this special community. Round Hill Nursery School is a magical place where you will feel welcome and your children will thrive. Come “see” what we are all about!

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The Preschool at Second Congregational | An Independent Non-Sectarian Preschool For Children Ages 2 Through 5

The Preschool at Second Congregational is an independent non-sectarian preschool for children ages 2 through 5 centrally located on 5 acres in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Preschool’s mission is to provide a warm and creative atmosphere to foster young children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth through a child-centered curriculum. We believe children learn best in an environment which emphasizes creative expression, and curriculum that is attuned to the individual child’s unique pattern of development. Preschool is a time for children to begin a journey of lifelong learning with excitement, wonder, and curiosity. Our goal is to begin them on that journey.

SCHEDULE A CAMPUS VISIT: The Preschool at Second Congregational

We understand that choosing a preschool is an important decision for parents. We are here to assist each family in making a well informed decision for their child. With over 20 years of early childhood experience, our director and staff pride themselves on providing a unique learning experience for your child.

The best way to get to know our school is to call and arrange an appointment with our Admissions Office. Tours can only be scheduled by appointment and will follow current safe distancing protocols. We will discuss our typical day schedules, philosophy, curriculum and general school policies.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Temple Sholom Selma Maisel Nursery School | A Place Where Learning & Discovery Begin!

The Temple Sholom Selma Maisel Nursery School (SMNS) in Greenwich, CT, offers a rewarding, one-of-a-kind educational experience for families with children pre-school and younger.

While our programs are guided by Jewish values, we welcome families of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.

At SMNS, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of early childhood education. Over the past two years, we have added unique learning spaces including a dedicated STEAM Lab, Gymnastics Studio, garden, and an outdoor STEAM playspace. Children also visit our Discovery Room weekly to learn about and meet new animals from the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, and take daily trips outside to the multi-level state-of-the-art playground with its own child-size town.


Come see the Temple Sholom Selma Maisel Nursery School for yourself!

We invite you to contact David Cohen, Director of Schools, at 203-622-8121 or david.cohen@templesholom.com to schedule a tour.

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Whitby School | Open Minds. Big Ideas. Infinite Possibilities.

Whitby Reopens Fall 2020 with In-Class Learning

We are starting the 2020 school year in-class but we are ready to transition to distance learning should that be required. Will things look different when students and faculty return to campus?

Yes, they will. However, what's not changing is the Whitby Spirit and the entire community's dedication to continuity of learning and meeting the social-emotional needs of our students, their families, faculty, and staff. Arrange for a virtual tour or join us for our open house events.

Located in Greenwich CT, Whitby is a co-educational independent school that provides educational continuity for children 18 months through Grade 8 in the Fairfield-Westchester area. The premier Whitby Montessori Children’s House three-year program and the highly-recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) program in Grades 1-8 form the foundation that empowers Whitby students to think creatively and critically, preparing them as life-long learners and global citizens.

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YWCA Greenwich | Steven and Alexandra Cohen Preschool Center

YWCA Greenwich Preschool is a world of learning, laughter and love. An international student body from ages 15 months to 5 years, experience a state-of-the-art facility, STEAM Lab, and a community of special educators who care deeply about every child’s development.

YWCA Greenwich Preschool’s 10-month program is the only area preschool that includes gymnastics, music, Spanish, STEAM activities, Swimming, and Yoga.

YWCA Greenwich Preschool also offers flexible scheduling to fit different family needs.

Our objective is to create activities based on your child’s individual needs and interests that provide a foundation for language and reading skills, as well as other academic pursuits.

The preschool is set on a lovely, 6.5-acre site in central Greenwich. Annually renovated to meet upgraded standards, it contains large classrooms and areas for childhood learning. Rooms are specifically designed to facilitate development at each age and stage of development. It is a safe, happy and clean environment that permits children to learn at their own pace.

The first step in deciding whether the YWCA Greenwich Preschool is right for you and your child is to schedule a photo tour with our Director of Childhood Education, Geri Smiles. To begin the application process, click through on the button below and fill out the online form. Once we receive your information, you will be contacted to discuss placement as well the safety protocols that we have in place. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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